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Viajes India to explore diversity

Viajes India to explore diversity There is something about India, which attracts tourists from all over the world to pay a visit to this beautiful land. From busiest cities of the world to dense jungles, from deserts to fertile lands, from the Himalayan Mountains to the green plains- India has a diverse landscape. India offers […]

Vacation On A Budget: Tips And Reminders For You

Vacation On A Budget: Tips And Reminders For You Everybody needs to unwind and relax for some time. A vacation is what comes to everyone’s mind every time we speak of such. Enjoying a nice and comfortable hotel on a place far from home is everyone’s dream. However, every vacation would always require enough money […]

Why to choose Slovakia

Why to choose Slovakia Is a country located in Central Europe. The capital is Bratislava. Slovak landscape is very contrasting: Carpathian Mountains, which lies north of the country, also Tatras mountains are situated here. Tatras mountains are a good destination for skiing. Other relief units such as: lakes, valleys, rivers and the Danube. Slovakia is […]

Thailand Buddhist Temples

Thailand Buddhist Temples The vast majority of people in Thailand are Buddhists for whom the temple plays an important role in the spiritual wellbeing of individuals and the community. There are over 31,200 Buddhist temples spread around Thailand. In Thai they are called wat. They are grouped into two main groups: temples which are permitted […]