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Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in Malta

Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in Malta If your holiday in Malta is likely to involve more than just a few visits to the local bars & restaurants, then here are just a few ‘pointers’ for you. The cost of local lager & beer as well as branded beers & spirits is still generally cheaper than […]

Traveling Agents Vs Internet

Traveling Agents Vs Internet There really are not that many options when it comes to booking a flight to your favorite destination. The only two options available are either traveling agents or the Internet. Traveling to Russia by air offers limitless variety of exit points and flight services to choose from as the country holds […]

Jaipur Tour: Forts of Jaipur

Jaipur Tour: Forts of Jaipur Rajasthan Tourism has amazing tourist attractions to offer to tourists who come here from across the globe. Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is a must-visit destination of Rajasthan. Affectionately dubbed as the Pink City as most of its building is painted in pink, Jaipur is a royal city with […]

Ski Resorts in Europe

Ski Resorts in Europe Each year more and more of us seek that uniquely pleasurable feeling that comes with a holiday in one of Europe’s leading ski resorts. However, probably unlike the case in North America, a large emphasis of having a skiing holiday in Europe is placed on the social, as well as sporting, […]