Driving Safety Tips For Travelling Australia

Driving Safety Tips For Travelling Australia

Driving Safety Tips are very important when travelling anywhere in Australia. It  is a big country and in some areas there is a large distance between towns. Driving in and around is relatively affordable, but it is important to take regular rest breaks when you are driving. the usual recommendation is that you stop  about every two hours.

Always travel with a good supply of water in case you break down on the road. This is very important in summer, or if you are in the bush or Outback. Summer temperatures can reach 40 – 45° Celsius. If you do have a break down stay with your vehicle as you will be found faster and the vehicle will provide shelter. Here are some tips as suggestions for keeping safer while you are travelling.

  • You should always tell people where you are going and how long you expect to be.
  • Drive on the left side of the road
  • Always wear seatbelts – both in the front and rear of cars
  • Do not drink and drive – the limit is 0.05
  • Do not pick up hitch-hikers (do not hitch-hike)
  • Plan your trip and prepare well.
  • Keep an eye on your gauges and remember to keep your petrol tank well filled and your water topped up
  • Do not use a mobile phone while driving
  • Make sure you have a spare tyre and repair and digging tools
  • Have a map and a GPS is worth considering especially if you are going to remote areas
  • In country areas take a mobile phone, in the Outback look to hire a satellite phone or personal safety radio beacon
  • Watch out for wildlife – wombats, kangaroos, cattle  etc

Aussie road trips are a lot of fun, you can make your own schedule, change your plans when necessary or you want to. You get to see some amazing scenery as you drive along and some very unique things like a double decker bus in the middle of nowhere, old boots decorating a tree, some great Aussie letter boxes.

When you are preparing for your trip remember that your safety and other road users safety is very important so everyone one and have travelling Australia will have a trip they will want to remember..

You Know Nothing About Orlando, Until You Read This

You Know Nothing About Orlando, Until You Read This

What to do in Orlando…What to do in the Orlando Disney area.
Orlando is one of the top tourism destinations in the world. the Orlando Disney area is home to some of the worlds best theme parks. There are dozens of wonderful attractions in and around the orlando disney area. It features Walt Disney World with Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios and Sea World. Not to mention all the water parks that are in the area. People come from every continent to take in these famous theme parks, and especially to go to disney World..

But do you know there there is another side to the Orlando disney area? You see, the Orlando Disney area is a city full of unexpected smaller attractions, that you might want to take in when you want something a little different or just a break from the crowds at the Disney World parks and Universal Studios.

How about a romantic boat cruise? The River Boat cruise along the St. John’s River. This is not the jungle cruise of Disney, but a cruise worth taking never the less. We also know it is not the Mississippi River, but the “Rivership Romance” cruises along the St. Johns River, providing a first-hand connection with Florida’s rich, natural heritage. Great food, a little dancing some romance and a lovely sunset await you on the St. John’s River.

The Green Meadows Petting Farm, an animal adventure located in Kissimmee. Lots of different animals your children can pet and enjoy on a sunny afternoon. Every child loves to pet animals. No, this will not replace Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World, but it might make a nice little break in the middle of the Disney excitement, and it is just a short distance south of the Disney park.

The Sleuth Mystery Dinner Thearter. Its no wonder why this place packs a full house. Participate in a great murder mystery and be delighted with the food and the show.

The Blue Spring State Park, home to over 100 manatees. The largest spring on the St. Johns River, Blue Spring is a designated Manatee Refuge and the winter home (mid-November through March) to a growing population of West Indian Manatees. Join the fun, its summer at Blue Spring State Park, hot days, cool refreshing spring water, and a great opportunity for kids and parents to cool off in the spring.

Last but not least we have Al Capone’s Dinner show, A Taste Of Chicago. The old time gangsters return to give a fun evening of excitement, Chicago Style. You could wind up eating with a gangster or two, be forced to give up your wallet (in fun of course) or have your seat taken away…but don’t worry they are relatively harmless. Just be prepared for when the police burst in on your dinner to make a bust on perhaps one of the gangsters that was at your table. This is a truly a living tribute to the legendary Gangland Chicago, and you are invited to participate in the action.

These are terrific places to go in tthe where everybody can have loads of fun. It is a shame that these gems live in the shadows of Disney World and Universal Studios because they are attractions worth visiting any time of the year. But now that you have read this, they are no longer a secret to you and yur family. Be sure to pay these a visit when going to the Orlando Disney area. You can visit us at http://www.officialtraveldisney.com to find some great deals to the orland Disney area.

Enjoy the Thrills of Orlando Attractions With Go Orlando Cards & Disney Base Tickets

Enjoy the Thrills of Orlando Attractions With Go Orlando Cards & Disney Base Tickets

The attractiveness of Orlando City cannot be denied. Orlando offers enchanting spots for vacation makers. Touring the whole Orlando requires handsome money. But the expenditure can be curtailed if you buy Go Orlando Cards. It gives the real opportunity to visit the whole attractions in Orlando in a cheaper rate. The first thing that comes in mind when we talk about Orlando is nothing but Disneyland. Other than this there are series of attractions to explore. Go Orlando Cards entitle you to see the over 50 Orlando attractions near Florida at a very cheap rate. The parks of Orlando include Kennedy Space Center, Gatorland, Daytona USA, Eco-Safari Tour, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park, I-Drive Attractions and so on. Moreover, Go Orlando Cards allow you to see the top Miami’s attractions including Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle, Island Queen Cruises, Miami Duck Tours, and more. Orlando has some excellent shopping and dinning venues and this card gives the offer for concession on shopping and dining in selected excursions.

If you want to maximize your fun and minimize your expenditure than there is no other better option than buying Go Orlando Cards. The center of all attractions in Orlando is Walt Disney World Resort. The four theme parks allure visitors in a great number. However, Sea World, Pleasure Island, Cypress Garden, Busch Gardens, Splash Island Water Park and many more amusing theme parks and water parks are the fun filled spots for exciting experience.

Disney base tickets are the special tickets for the four theme parks of Walt Disney World Resort which includes Epcot, MGM Studios, the Animal Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom. Instead of buying different tickets for the aforesaid four theme parks of Disney which is considered as the most beautiful of Orlando attractions, it is advisable to buy Disney Base tickets that includes the four theme parks entry permission. However, there is no park hopping process. At first you have to decide for how many days you are visiting Disney theme parks then buy the concern ticket. Base tickets get terminated after 14 days of first usage with the condition that only one guest can enter single theme park per day and that should be on regular basis and in uninterrupted manner.

Take the opportunity to see the collections of the theme parks of Walt Disney World Resort at the cost of a single ticket and explore each and every park which is themed on different interesting topic.

Luxury Ski Chalets – How Luxe Can You Go

Luxury Ski Chalets – How Luxe Can You Go?

A little look into the winter wonderlands of the world’s very best chalets and lodges As the popularity of skiing has grown exponentially over the last 20 years, and as snowboarding and other winter sports have also taken off, the demand for high end mountain-based holidays has exploded.

In fact, so in love with snow and ice are the nation’s holidaymakers, that they now demand just as much from their Winter holidays as they do from their luxury Maldivian beach breaks and Caribbean Christmases.

The traditional and fairly basic chalets of old still exist, and business is as good as ever in that market, but the luxury chalet business is now in a league of its very own. Jacuzzis and hot tubs, swimming pools, gymns and spa rooms, private balconies and ensuite wet rooms, games rooms and bedside log fires, all come pretty much as standard in a luxury chalet these days. But there’s more too – in fact pretty much anything is possible.

Size & Capacity
Size doesn’t really matter when it comes to luxury – a high end boutique luxury chalet can be just a few hundred square metres in size. One may accommodate up to ten people, another 20 or even 30. Ski accommodation varies in size. Eight hundred square metres is very large by European standards, but if it’s size you are looking for, the luxury chalets of the American and Canadian ski resorts simply have much more space on the mountainside than those in Europe! Some have over 15,000 square foot of interior space, and 5,000 square feet of outside patio and decking (including of course an outdoor fireplace, firepit, open air spa and summer kitchen!).

Resort-wise, even the smaller resorts can now offer real high end luxury. The most top-notch prestigious resorts in the Alps such as Courchevel, Verbier, Zermatt and St Moritz can cater for the most discerning of tastes. One of the most expensive chalets in the world in fact – the Tivoli Lodge in Klosters – costs well over ?60,000 a week to rent over the New Year period.

There are companies that can make this kind of luxury a little more affordable though, and realistic. Companies like Scott Dunn, for example, can tailor the luxury quotient to what you and your guests really need. They spend much of their time and money making sure that nothing is too much trouble and that no tiny detail is overlooked. And high levels of service and decorative flair can provide real luxury without breaking the bank. This kind of luxury is all about your individual requirements and dreams for the perfect winter break, and perhaps the little things you haven’t thought about too – in chalet ski and boot fitting, ski passes waiting for you on arrival, and then things like rainforest showers, or retro red velvet cinema chairs….

Design & Decor
Design is a big deal in luxury chalets. Interior design is often inspired by the finest Italian furniture, or the most beautiful French art deco style – look out for expensive silk curtains and cushions, fine polished and buffed teak floors. But a good quality chalet design will never overlook the warmth of old and well-loved Swiss wooden beams either. All make for an atmosphere of complete beauty for family and friends – more luxury yacht than damp school trip of old!

Staff & Service
Staff wise, the best chalets have the very best staff – butler, concierge, driver, housekeeper, chef, dedicated ski guides and instructors, sports therapists, nannies, nutritionists and physios. They are responsible for the luxury of detail – fresh flowers, towels and bedlinen, home baked cakes and pastries every morning, the finest coffee, the best meat and fish and local seasonal produce. Some companies have even offered the services of celebrity chef consultants such as Tom Aikens, endless vintage Krug, Norland nannies, and Jo Malone beauty products.

A concierge is almost par for the course now with luxury chalets – a good concierge has superb knowledge of the surrounding area and excellent contacts, so that you’ll always know what to do and where to go. They can guarantee you the very best tables in the very best restaurants and bars, and the best tickets for the most ‘must attend’ resort parties. In fact they can be your private event organiser too – planning heli skiing trips or building you a personal ice bar on the mountain for some night skiing!

Ambience Away From Home
Much of these luxury chalets’s success is in providing a traditional old-fashioned escape ambience – gluhwein and log fires, mountain air and snowcapped dawns. But the 21st Century demands a contemporary high tech ‘anything is possible’ edge too. If you don’t quite want to get away from it all, if you are looking for a full working office or business centre away from home for example, so that work never quite stops, then you can find the most superbly equipped offices imaginable in a good luxury chalet. But keeping in touch with the working world occasionally isn’t so bad when you can have a hot bath drawn for you and a glass of Laurent Perrier Rose poured for you at the end of a full days skiing.

Anything is Possible
The ‘anything is possible’ tag really can apply to luxury ski chalets, and in fact things you might think only existed in James Bond films really can happen on a mountain somewhere in the world!

Whether it’s a baronial mansion just outside St Moritz, with original frescoes, panelled walls and flagstone floors, or a modernist masterpiece in Zermatt accessed by an underground cable car and private tunnel, luxury chic can easily go a little bit over the top. Are you looking for a fully stocked wine cellar and walk in humidor carved in to the mountain? Or a private nightclub and sushi bar? How about an exotic wood panelled library filled with first edition classics, or a 15 metre indoor onyx lined pool and hammam? Believe it or not, you can rent a chalet that has all things.

Tailor-Made Luxury
Much of what makes luxury ‘real’ is about guests being able to make the rules. If you want a grand piano in your living room, it can be delivered to your exact specifications. If you want to sleep until noon, then breakfast should be ready for you when you wake up. If you want to carve the first tracks in virgin snow as the sun comes up, or take a sleigh ride at dusk, then your boots should always be ready, warmed and waiting. Whichever way you look at it, these kinds of ski holidays are ones you will cherish the memories of forever. The height of luxury on top of the world – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Here the author Sara Allom writes about ski chalets. She narrates the beauty, luxury in the lap of nature, Sara Allom describes how family ski holidays are offered in the best manner as a package.