Visit Yazd Tourist Attractions in One Day

Visit Yazd Tourist Attractions in One Day

You will love to visit Yazd attractions as this desert town offers more than what you expect. Life in deserts contains mysterious stories and know-how. People living in such areas are much more active than it seems at first glance. A visit to this city’s highlights will convince you that without lots of efforts, it would not be possible to have all those breathtaking monuments and methods to survive.

Yazd Tourist Attractions

It is important to consider the heat while you are in Yazd. The sights in open air are better to be visited in cooler time of the day. Also, those attractions that are exposed to the sunshine should be visited during certain times of the day. I don’t recommend to go against the lifestyle of local people specially when it comes to important points. Sometimes, it really gets hot and you will jeopardize your health if you do not follow their recommendations. So, make sure you visit Yazd in the order shown below:
Towers of Silence
These are two hills at the South West of the city where until almost 60 years ago, Zoroastrians, the followers of an ancient Iranian religion, exposed corpse of the deceased ones to the vultures. It will be nice to ascend one of them and see inside it for yourself.

Varahram Fire Temple

As long as you are in the mood of this ancient religion and probably hear from your local guide about the beliefs of Zoroastrians, it will be a good idea to go to the most famous fire temple of the world where the oldest fire is burning since 15 centuries ago. Many of the followers of Zoroastrianism come to Yazd every year to pay a visit to this temple.
Yazd Friday Mosque
Because of its ivan being located at the South of the courtyard, like any other mosques in Iran, it is better to get there fairly soon in the morning when there’s enough light to see the details of the mosque and enjoy the beauty of its glazed ceramics and bricks.
Fahadan Quarter
When you visit Yazd, you have a great opportunity to explore this unique community of people who are living in a settlement existing there from lots of centuries ago. At least, this Yazd tourist attraction has been here from 900 years ago when the city walls were built around it. It is full of mud-made walls, narrow lanes and indigenous architecture.
12-Imam Shrine
Inside Fahadan, you see lots of examples of vernacular architecture like wind catchers (badgirs) and water reservoirs. Also, there are monuments like 12-Imam Shrine that was built in 11th century in honor of 12 Imams of Shiites. Nobody is buried there, but the calligraphy in this building is one of two unique stylized scripts found in the entire country.
Alexander’s Prison
Some call this structure Haroon’s prison too. It actually had been a traditional school called Zia’eh School built in 14th century. Its dome has been beautifully built and decorated with plain bricks. Because of a deep octagonal pit in the courtyard that has got only one entrance and exit, such name is attributed to this building.
After visiting this sight, you can continue on foot to the Northern part of Fahadan quarter. This is where you see the remnants of the ancient city walls and watch towers. Then, you can take some time for lunch and a bit of siesta like local people or go to the another Yazd tourist attraction:
Water Museum
When you visit Yazd, this is the best opportunity you have to get familiar with water supplement system in Iran and how some of the most amazing methods invented by Iranians have helped the survival of millions of people in several continents throughout centuries.
Also, when it is very hot outside in early afternoon, this can be a cool place where you learn a lot and spend some time in this interesting museum.
Yazd Bazaar
Later in the afternoon when the bazaar stores reopen, you can stroll a bit more in the shady cool passageways of the bazaar and learn about the traditional businesses and guilds like brocade producers and sellers in this interesting place.
Mir Chaqmaq Tekieh
Quite close to the bazaar, there’s an interesting structure stretched from North to the South with its face toward West called Mir Chaqmaq Tekieh with two high minarets. During Moharam month when Shiites commemorate the martyrdom of their third Imam, people gather in this building and in front of it to see the religious passion play and procession. You can go to the top of the minarets and have a look at the entire city.
Mir Chaqmaq Mosque
This is a 4-minarets mosque with a small courtyard making it possible to have lots of shade inside for the worshippers. Sometimes it is allowed for tourists to visit the mosque and in some years it is not due to the change in the decisions, but you can have a look at it from the minarets of Mir Chaqmaq Tekieh. It is located near the Tekieh.

The Last Tips on Your Visit to Yazd

Yazd tourist attractions are not all listed here at this article, but I have put together the highlights so that you can visit Yazd and its most interesting sights in one day. There are also other fascinating sights outside Yazd that you can explore in another day.

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