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Pushkar TraveL Information

Pushkar TraveL Information 14-km from Ajmer, Pushkar is legendary among travellers looking for new experiences. It offers much more than most weekend getaways can hope to pack in: temples, ghats, street bazaars, caf?s, and of course, desert safaris. As a religious site, Pushkar practically sells itself: it is home to one of the two Brahma […]

Scuba Diving – is it Safe

Scuba Diving – is it Safe Diving – Is it Safe? Scuba Diving can be a dangerous sport if you do not take a ‘be safe always’ approach when entering the water. It has a lot to do with your personality at the end of the day. It will be as safe as you want […]


TRAVEL NUGGETS v     When traveling, make adequate enquires about the hotel, motel, restaurant, rest rooms and environmental conditions of your desired location. v     Ensure that the hotel rooms have reusable and recyclable materials to prevent land pollution. v     Do not carry too much tourist maps and brochures. Pick only the ones that are needed for […]

Staying Safe on a Wild Spring Break

Staying Safe on a Wild Spring Break You’ve spend the last few months cramming for exams and saving up  your cash by avoiding unnecessary purchases like those Honda motorcycle parts, so you deserve a crazy, fun spring break. Whether you’re heading off to Cancun or you’ll be in the South of France for a week […]