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Palais Royal – Fit for Even a King

Palais Royal – Fit for Even a King Initially called the Palais Cardinal, the Palais Royal is situated in the 1st arrondissement in Paris. The Palais Royal is a palace with an adjoining garden. Initially the palace was the residence of Cardinal Richelieu. The architect Jacques Lemercier was hired to design this building. During the […]

Prague Tour : Enjoy Your Summer Hols

Prague Tour : Enjoy Your Summer Hols! Prague is one of the beautiful places of the world. It has great historical significance. Some of the important monuments and buildings of Europe are constructed in this part of the world. Charles Bridge is a fourteenth century stone bridge. It connects the two sides of Prague. This […]

Aya Sofya – Turkey go

Aya Sofya – Turkey go Called Sancta Sophia in Latin,Haghia Sofia in Greek and the Church of the Divine Wsdom in English, Aya Sofya is ?stanbul‘s most famous monument. Arrive carly to avoid peak-season crowds. Emperor Justinian had the Aya Sofya built as part of his effort to restore the greatness of the Roman Empire. It was completed […]

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