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What is a Staycation

What is a Staycation? The travel media is very excited about staycations these days. A staycation is when you take time off work but you stay home, with your family, friends, kids, dog, neighbors, etc. When you follow these tips, you’ll return from your staycation refreshed and recharged. Take a complete break from all work. […]

Discover Indian: Heritage & Culture

Discover Indian: Heritage & Culture The culture of India has been shaped by the long history of India, its unique geography and the absorption of customs, traditions and ideas from both immigrants and invaders, while preserving its ancient heritage from the Indus Valley Civilization. India’s great diversity of cultural practices, languages, customs, and traditions are […]

Sydney Travel guide, tips and tourist attractions

Sydney Travel guide, tips and tourist attractions The site of the first British colony in Australia, Sydney was established in 1788 at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip, commodore of the First Fleet. The city is built on hills surrounding Sydney Harbour where the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge feature prominently. The hinterland […]