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You Know Nothing About Orlando, Until You Read This

You Know Nothing About Orlando, Until You Read This What to do in Orlando…What to do in the Orlando Disney area.Orlando is one of the top tourism destinations in the world. the Orlando Disney area is home to some of the worlds best theme parks. There are dozens of wonderful attractions in and around the […]

Working in Addison – Fast Facts City Guide

Working in Addison – Fast Facts City Guide! Welcome to Addison! You’ve picked a great place to live and work and there is so much going on in this city that you’ll never get bored, in fact, enjoying Addison is a full time job in itself! Visitors and locals will have so much to get […]

Waterfalls in Karnataka

Waterfalls in Karnataka Karnataka is the Birth of Many great waterfalls. The confluence of lofty hills and meandering rivers has given rise to a number of waterfalls in Karnataka. Each of these waterfalls produces a breathtaking sight with water gushing down with enormous power. With the arrival of monsoon season, seasonal rainfalls render these majestic […]

Romancing in Verona

Romancing in Verona Romance is alive and the love tragedy of Juliet and Romeo lives on in Verona. Notes from couples are placed at the entrance of Juliet’s house. Notes that read Peter and Lindy forever, Paul heart Samantha and Greg loves Wendy 2001. The notion and feelings behind the famous Shakespeare play come together […]